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Systems and Components was started in 1984 with the clear vision of providing Refrigeration related systems,components and services to Process industry for temperatures ranging from 5°C down to minus 85°C. From virtually nothing, it has grown to a size of 3 large factories manufacturing a range of process chillers and systems with nearly 125 employees most of them technical.
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Commenced the business "Systems & Components" to deal in Refrigeration oriented business.
Break through orders from blue chip companies like Godrej Soaps,colour Chem,Ciba Geigy to start the business in a roaring fasion.
Established the first factory at A-58, M.I.D.C, Badlapur and dispatched 4 Sets of brine chillers equipments to TANFAC, Cuddalore - an Aditya Birla Group Company.
Incorporated Limited liability Company "Systems & Components (India) Pvt. Ltd."
Established foundry for Steel and Alloy steel castings (in the name of Victory Alloy Steel Pvt. Ltd)
Both foundry and refrigeration units win recognition from several new clients and establish name as a Good Vendor.
  • First Export order of 3 Nos chillers to Indonesia (for P T South Pacific Viscose)

  • Established sole selling arrangement for India from:
    - J&E Hall Ltd for Hall Screw Compressors
    - Evapco Inc. for Evaporative Condenser
    - Th. Witt for Ammonia pumps

  • Became member of following international professional bodies:
    - ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
    - IIAR: International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, USA
    - IIR: International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris
    - IR: Institute of Refrigeration, London

  • Received largest single order by value and capacity (over Rs.500 lacs and 3000 TR) for Ammonia Screw Chillers from SPIC Pharma, Cuddalore.
  • E.I.L. approval for both foundry and refrigeration unit.

  • Commissioned largest multi-temperature Ammonia over- feed system for Surmi ( Fish Processing ) Project of Hindustan Lever Ltd with Hall Screw Compressors and Evaporative Condensers.
  • Foundry capacity increased to 100 MT per month. Approval from all Inspection Agencies including Lloyds received. Also received certificate as a "WELL KNOWN FOUNDRY" from Central Boiler Board, Delhi (Self certifying recognition IBR )

  • Minus 72°C Ethylene / R22 Cascade system with Hall Screw Compressor commissioned at Chemplast Sanmar, Mettur.
Several new clients added to Screw Compressor user list e.g. Shasun - plant with 8 Nos. Hall Screw and Ciba CKD - with 5 Nos. Hall Screw commissioned.
Hall screw compressor based brine chiller commissioned at P.T. South Pacific Viscose and P.T. Indo Bharat, both at Indonesia.
  • 20 years of fruitful service to process industry through design and supply of refrigeration systems.

  • Within 10 years of introducing Hall Screw in India, 85 Nos. large capacity Screw Compressor (Total Swept Volume 90000 Cu.M/hr) based systems supplied and commissioned in India and abroad.

  • New Strategy adopted in following direction:
    - Factory built R-22 compact water and brine chillers introduced using Refcomp, Italy make Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors.
    - Evaporative Condensers of own design featuring SS 304 coil bundle, FRP hollow blades etc.
    - Tied up with Wieland, Germany for special high heat flux tubes for flooded Ammonia Evaporators
    - A new range of energy efficient Ammonia water and brine chillers with Evaporative Condensers and compact Evaporators with high heat flux tubes to reduce Ammonia charge.
Foundry operation discontinued. Unit 2 taken over for Evaporative Condenser and Heat Exchangers production to meet growing chiller pack demand.
Unit 1 expanded amalgamating (A-58 & A-59) adjacent factories to create facilities for chiller assembly.
Over 300 Screw compressors based refrigeration system installed. Complete refrigeration system for one of the largest chicken processing plant (Real Good Chicken) for Godrej Agrovet, Bangalore (capacity 3000 birds / hr) commissioned. This is a multi-temperature Ammonia over- feed system with flake ice machine, tube ice machine, chilled water plants, blast freezer, plate freezers, holding rooms, etc. with Hall Screw Compressors and Evaporative Condensers.
  • Tie-up with Aerzener GmbH for API 619 compliant process gas compressor for refrigeration application.

  • Besides continuing membership with International Refrigeration related bodies as mentioned above, also became member of HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Institute) for thermal design back-up - particularly for TEMA exchangers required for Oil & Gas industry.

  • Obtained technical softwares such as PV Elite for enhancing design and drafting capabilities.
In the 25th year, following mile stone achievements are recorded:
  • Nearly 300 Hall Screw (Total Swept Volume 2,30,000 Cu.M/hr) and 90 Refcomp Screw (Total Swept Volume 26,200 Cu.M/hr) compressors based systems installed.

  • Break through in Oil and Gas sector with the first order for Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., through Technip KT India Ltd with Aerzen compressor.

  • First export to Egypt with Aerzen compressor and 1200 KW drive motor for TCI Sanmar Chemicals LLC. Value of order over US $ 1.25 million.

  • Commissioned 3 large chillers of 400 TR capacity each with 2 Nos. 300 HP Refcomp R134a compressors at P.T.South Pacific Viscose, Indonesia, a client who have been with us since last 16 years.

  • Supplied nearly 100 Evaporative Condensers for a total heat rejection capacity of approx. 110,000 M.cals/hr.

  • Purchased 16 Acres (64000 Sq.M) of Industrial Land close to existing factories for creating new manufacturing facilities (Unit 3).

3# factory sheds each of 100 m x 30 m with 40 MT capacity EOT Cranes under construction.
ISO 9001:2008 Certification obtained for the manufacture of chillers, heat exchangers and vessels as well as electrical panels.
The first factory shed 100 m x 30 m with 40MT capacity EOT cranes constructed and manufacturing activities started in Unit 3.
  • First export to United Kingdom with 2 # 104 TR/Minus 20°C R 404a chillers having CE certification

  • Designed , supplied and successfully commissioned 49TR/Minus 75°C Methanol Chilling Plant in a cascade system with R 23 and R 22 for Shasun Pharmaceuticals.

  • Installation of screw compressors figure extended to 593 with swept volume of 4,29,418 CuM/Hr.
Website launched to mark the 30th anniversary of the company